Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 13 Nanaimo City Council Regular Meeting

Regular City Council

Mon., June 13/16
7:00 PM

SHAW Auditorium

Agenda Highlights:
  • Development permit - 1825 Summerehill Place - 1805 Summerhill Place
  • DVP 2560 Bowen Road 1900 Labieux Rd.
  • DVP 3732 Glen Oaks Dr.
  • Property disposition - 1900 and 2200 Labieux Rd. (sell 2.53 acres for $1,325,000)
  • Bylaw contravention 5438 Mildmay Road
  • Bylaw contravention 5560 Hiquebran Rd.
  • Bylaw contravention 2023 Cinnabar Dr.
  • Bylaw contravention - secondary suites: 423 Aysgarth St., 3464 Blackfoot Way, 112 Black powder Trail, 136 Black Powder Trail, 5559 Cliffside Rd., 539 Fifth St., 3944 Gulfview Dr., 4060 Gulfview Dr., 325 Jade Ave., 2720 Lintlaw Rd., 5846 Tweedsmuir Cres., 106 Wakesiah Ave.
  • Mayor McKay - reconsideration of DP 3795 Glen Oaks Dr.,
  • Establishing a youth poet laureate for Nanaimo
  • 2016 Capital Paving Program Tender
  • Bylaw amendment to Traffic and Highways Bylaw 1993 No. 5000
  • Appoint bylaw enforcement officer
  • Unauthorized suites - 323 Black Diamond Dr., 6225 Dovr Rd., 290 Kathryn Pl.
  • Property maintenance bylaw enforcement: 1320 Townsite Rd., 356 Watfield Ave., 5391 Kenwill Dr., 762 Townsite Rd., 6410 Invermere Rd., 432 Howard Ave., 405 Holly Ave., 119 Haliburton St.
  • Notice of Motion: Councillor Yoachim re: Human Trafficking

 Democracy Is Too Important To Leave To The Politicians
Do Your Civic Duty By Getting Informed and Getting Involved

If you say: " I'm too busy just trying to keep it together to get involved, consider that perhaps, if you were more involved you might not be having so much trouble keeping it together "!

You can view this Council Meeting Agenda here - - -  Agenda .

If you can't attend council meetings in person (preferred) you can watch regular council meetings on Shaw cable channel #4. You can also watch the meetings live on the city website using this link. 

The regular city council meetings are the only ones broadcast live on either Shaw Cable or streaming video from the city website. The Committee of the Whole meetings, while not broadcast live are recorded and can be viewed on the city website HERE.


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