Saturday, June 18, 2016

SOFI Document Shows Where Tax Dollars Go

Being presented at the June 20 Special Council Meeting is the Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) which shows all of the major benefactors of your tax dollars. Not only does it list all employees earning $75K and over it also shows any supplier the city paid in excess of $25K to during the year.

Information taken from the 2015 SOFI

Total to employees earning greater than $75K ---- $26,814,767.29
Total to employees earning less than $75K ------- $25,484,049.43

Total to all employees ----- $52,684,740.12

NOTE: These numbers do not included the wages and benefits paid to the members of the RCMP who provide police services to Nanaimo and are technically paid by the RCMP.
The total being paid to the RCMP for wages and benefits is now likely in the $17 miilion range. When you consider the total being paid in wages and benefits as a % of your tax dollar, it does not leave much to buy water and sewer pipe or fill in potholes.


This year's SOFI breaks down wages by employee group which makes for some interesting comparisons.

Total paid to the IAFF group (firefighters) ---- $10,468,093.06
Total paid to CUPE group -----$7,983,558.18

Total paid to Management group ---- $8,363,116.05




  1. Interesting breakdowns indeed. Is there any info as to the number of people in each of the three groups shown in the "Wages By Employee Group"? One could then calculate the average $$ paid to each member of each group.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. And I am told, a HUGE number of city employees, union and non-union, live outside the city and therefore cheap-out on paying any city property taxes. Sad :(

  3. Will you be listing the people who make more than $75,000.00 a year?


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