Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Colliery Dams Park Spillway Design Feature?

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Was a diving platform part of the design??
Is is a safe design???

Perhaps the million or so spent on engineering costs involved with the auxiliary spillway in Colliery Dams Park was not out of line, if designing a safe, user-friendly diving platform to enter the refreshing waters of Colliery Dams Park was part of the package.

Clearly these young folk appreciate the new feature added to their park which I am sure would not result in any cracked coconuts as wet feet slip on concrete. Unlike Westwood Lake Park there are no lifeguards on duty in this park, which at one time did have at least one guard on duty over the summer months many years ago.

I wonder if lifeguards had to be cut out as a means of being able to continue to pay middle and upper management some of those attractive wage and benefit packages they have managed over recent years?



  1. It is 9 ft down to a slab of concrete. Only a matter of time until one kid falls over the edge.

  2. But when it comes to building an expensive dam to save lives....I remember one veteran female councilor tripping all over herself about this solving "safety issues"! Can anyone guess who?

  3. where there is cool water and a place to jump from people young and old will take the plunge. stop turning political sour grapes into a reason to whine incessantly, it is done now, so lets move on and let people enjoy the park

  4. Sour grapes?? Interesting description of a waste of $10,000,000.00 of taxpayer funding to erect a monument to bureaucratic pigheadedness and council ineptness and taxpayer apathy.


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