Sunday, November 30, 2008



The KFC Taco Bell store in the Dickenson Crossing Plaza has once again been closed due to cleanliness and safe food handling issues. This is the third time this store has been closed for such matters. They were ordered closed in July 2007 and in January of 2008.

On November 20 responding to a customer complaint, the VIHA health inspector ordered this restaurant closed due to a High Hazard rating and an inspection which uncovered three Critical violations.

The VIHA describes a High hazard rating as follows:

High: During the last inspection, significant problems were noted related to food handling and/or sanitation procedures. This may include such things as potentially hazardous foods stored well above correct temperatures, use foods from unapproved sources, extremely unsanitary conditions. The facility's current operation significantly increases the risk of food borne illness and the operator must take immediate corrective action. The facility is approaching the maximum level of risk considered acceptable for its continued operation and we may close it if conditions worsen or the operator fails to eliminate the hazards.

A followup inspection on Nov. 25 resulted in a High hazard warning once again with still one critical violation having not been dealt with.

A subsequent inspection on Nov. 26 found the critical violations had been dealt with however the facility was still given a moderate hazard warning and ordered to reduce hours of operation due to inadequate Food Safe trained staff working at the outlet.

The Health Inpsection Report can be seen using this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Editor's Comment: You have to question just how safe this outlet is when it gets closed two times in a year. Obviously the areas of concern were present before the inspection was made and given the follow up results this store is clearly poorly managed and staffed. I have heard it said that many cases of the 'flu' we think we have are actually minor cases of food poisoning. Given the condition of this establishment, getting sick after eating the Colonels recipe from here should come as no surprise. If you want to check the status of the places you trust to give you a safe meal you can check their inspection records using this Nanaimo Info LINK (click on the Food and Restaurant Inspections link in the right hand pane).


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