Friday, November 28, 2008

More Ottawa Drama

The Political Nonsense Continues

Yesterdays 'wait and see, stay the course' fiscal report delivered by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty brought immediate howls from the opposition. There is the usual political gamesmanship you would expect from the Liberals and the NDP, the government will of course never do anything to satisfy the opposition who should probably be renamed the official criticism.

So what is the real reason behind the threats of bringing down the government? Is it really because the Liberals or NDP have a better approach? Or is it the threat of taking taxpayers funds out of the hands of all political parties which has caused the uproar?

Among Flaherty's report was the stated plan to eliminate about $27 million which the taxpayer pays to support all political parties based on the number of votes received in the last election. Since the Conservatives got the largest number of votes, they would loose about $10 milllion, while the Liberals would lose about $7.7 million.

Of course the fifth estate probably does not like the prospect of $27 million of advertising revenue potentially disappearing from their coffers so they aren't pleased either. As if the liberal press needed another reason to skew reporting of the Conservatives.

The solution Liberals and NDP offer is to simply back up the Federal truck and start shoveling tax dollars out of it hoping that will solve the problem. No one seems to notice that the shoveling of trillions of dollars has not stopped the problem to the south of us, so why should we immediately begin doing the same thing?

Both the Liberals and NDP are adopting the usual 'the sky is falling' approach and seem unwilling to explain how they can throw all this money around while at the same time not running up a deficit. The Liberals on the one hand are criticizing the current government for the fact Canada is in a deficit while at the same time proposing we start shoveling out money which is certain to create an even larger deficit.

Why the Conservatives included the removal of taxpayer funding of political parties at this time is questionable, since they would know the other parties would object to such a measure, even though the Conservatives have the most to lose. This is the galvanizing point the parties can agree upon which could trigger the fall of the newly elected government.

It would appears the House of Drama has reconvened and the players have put on the familiar masks and are putting political gaming ahead of the interest of the taxpayer once again.

Have you ever listened to a televised question period in the House of Commons? Kindergarten classes demonstrate more maturity than that bunch most days.

Enough of the drama already. . . . . . . just get on with governing!


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