Monday, November 03, 2008


Ted Greves

I moved to Nanaimo with my wife and two daughters twenty eight years ago searching for a teaching position. We immediately fell in love with Nanaimo and its surroundings and can’t imagine ever leaving. Luckily the Nanaimo Fire Rescue was recruiting while I worked as an ironworker and I was successful in landing a position as a firefighter in 1981.

I hold three University Degrees (B.Sc. in Health and Recreation, B. Ed, B.Sc. in Fire Administration) and recently graduated, with distinction, from Capilano College where I received a 'Local Government Administration' certificate. In 1974, I played professional football in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, and in 1978, captained the Canadian Field Lacrosse Team to a world championship in Stockport, England.

I retired from Nanaimo Fire Rescue as a Captain after twenty five years of service. I received the 'Star of Courage' from Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn for my actions in the devastating Departure Bay Ferry Terminal incident in 1992. I also received the ‘Bronze Medal of Life Saving’ from the Order of St. Johns for this same incident.

I held elected positions on the International Association of Firefighters (Local 905, Nanaimo) Executive Board for ten years; the last six as President. I was also elected as Vice President of the Vancouver Island Region of the British Columbia Professional Firefighters' Association where I was instrumental in lobbying the Provincial Government to obtain seven Cancer Presumptions for firefighters across British Columbia. I attended several Parliamentary Conferences in Ottawa to lobby for issues concerning Canadian firefighters.

During my tenure as the Local 905 President, I was well involved in the political process of the City of Nanaimo. I gained a tremendous amount of experience on how to effectively negotiate political issues, both locally and provincially, on behalf of an electoral body.

I have a broad range of skills in various fields and over the years have proven my leadership. My education, life skills, exposure to many different situations, honesty and hard work are my major attributes.

There are a number of important issues facing Nanaimo. They are Homelessness, Taxation, Development and the Multiplex, but not necessarily in that order.

The Homeless issue hopefully will be addressed in the near future with the “Housing First” initiative by the City. I believe the cost to the taxpayer for the City’s new homeless plan will be half of the $40 million. I believe there will be a lot of discussion on the plan because of the nature of the issue.

Taxation on the other hand is destined to be 5.5% next year, 5.5% in 2010, 4.5% and 5.4% the following years. Hopefully we can find other funds to reduce those taxes. This year the taxes were luckily reduced by numerous sources such as casino revenue ($150,000) and budget investment income ($800,000).

There was a great deal of reward being a public servant especially dealing with those that could not help themselves in various tenuous situations. Motor vehicle accidents, medical aids and house fires were dramatic times for those affected and it was a satisfying experience to help those in need. On the other hand those who did not appreciate our limitations and resources were difficult to deal with.

It looks like as of the end of October that the PNC hotel is going to be built because they now are at building permit stage. The PNC desperately needs the hotel to be viable.

I am pleased to be a candidate for Council and am grateful for the support I have received to date. I look forward to serving on Council if I am elected.



  1. Jim:

    I appreciate your attempt to get on top of the by-election candidates, but perhaps you need to contact Ted to make sure that this information, which dates from 2008, remains correct. I doubt, for example, if he wants to be bogged down with the statement which you have included that:

    "It looks like as of the end of October that the PNC hotel is going to be built because they now are at building permit stage. The PNC desperately needs the hotel to be viable."

    You may also wish to identify his web site as there may be many questions about how he proposes to deal with the platform issues that he has raised there.

  2. This is an archived issue of the post which as you note is dated 2008.
    I do not purge these dated articles and trust in the ability of readers to actually read, the first line being the dateline.
    I intend to have interviews with all candidates once the by-election gets into full swing, which of course will be current.
    so, stay tuned for views of ALL candidates once the nomination period is officially over and all candidates are actually in the election. I think that anyone, even if they have filed their papers, can still change their mind for up to one week after nominations close.
    So, I won't be running any interviews until that time.

  3. Got you, Jim. I went there from a google search and didn't notice that it was deja vue all over again.


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