Friday, January 02, 2015

Dan Appell Display at Iron Oxide

My gracious blog host, Jim Taylor, affords me a certain amount of self-promotion in exchange for some modest writing effort. This week I’m taking advantage of his generosity.

Until January 21st I have a small showing of 11 drawings at Iron Oxide Art Supplies - #5 Victoria Rd., Nanaimo, BC. I would be very pleased if you came down and had a look at them.

While I’m not sure coming all the way downtown to see my little drawings is worth the effort, visiting Iron Oxide certainly is. Meeting Willow, the proprietor of this special little store is, certainly, very definitely, a good reason to make the trip. Willow is one of the pillars of our art community and a great source for all that is going on in our city. Say Hi to her for me.

My drawings tend to be of a cerebral nature. My hope is that they stimulate contemplation; contemplation that suggests the possibility of transcendence.

This particular series of drawings titled, “Stories Without Narratives,” illustrate the beginning, middle and end of a story as if those things occurred all at once. Perhaps these events occurred before the actual drawing, or just after the drawing. I honestly don’t know. I certainly may be mistaken on this point, but I do believe there is a zen quality to these drawings. At least, to me, this “zen” is what I find appealing in my own work. My hope is that you also find this drawings satisfying in some way, otherwise drawing is just hard, and difficult to share.



  1. The url should be corrected from Ironoxied to Ironoxide.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. Very nice Dan.

    Congratulations on your show...AND art work!

    Kevan Shaw


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