Thursday, October 08, 2015

Buildings Demolished Terminal Avenue Nanaimo

Large fenced vacant lot

Owners of property at Terminal Ave,, Mt. Benson and Bryden were ordered by the city to demolish the vacant buildings which had become a safety concern. There were signs of squatters using the buildings with mattresses present and signs of drug use and even fires. At the time the order was issued Councillor Kipp described the place as a mess.

The owners had taken out a demolition order in June of last year and have done nothing except fence off the buildings. This of course did not impede access to the vacant buildings. 

Prior to being purchased by the present owners who presumably intend to develop the site consisting of several different lots had been the home of a motel, laundromat and a restaurant at one time. Whether market conditions are right for this property to be developed or whether it will sit fallow like a few other sites will remain to be seen.

I presume that now the buildings have been demolished the owners will see a big reduction on their tax assessment.


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  1. Good, now throw in some low cost housing, some high cost housing (condos), some retail space, and a little greenery

    make it a neighbourhood ! no pubs, no realty offices, no pot dispensaries, just a nice little place for people to live, with a little corner store, and a few benches. How hard could it be ?


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