Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Nanaimo Anti-littering Campaign Kicks Off

Aimed at eliminating litter and improving cleanliness

"We hope that the Keep Nanaimo Clean campaign will put the message out that littering is unacceptable.  Some of the campaign images are quite hard hitting; we're glad they promote a response within people and hope to get residents talking and thinking about litter. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada and we want to keep it that way."  -  Charlotte Davis City of Nanaimo 

Starting this week, posters carrying the Keep Nanaimo Clean message will be seen in bus shelters and on the side of City refuse collection vehicles.  Later in the month the campaign will spread to the air waves with advertisements coming to local radio stations.

Littering is an issue in Nanaimo and whilst, by comparison to other cities, Nanaimo is comparably clean, there are areas that need improvement. The City currently sweeps the downtown sidewalks between three and four times a week in a bid to keep the streets tidy. This is despite the fact that in downtown areas you are  rarely more than 50 metres from a litter bin.

The most common litter to be found on around Nanaimo includes cigarette butts, drink containers and fast food packaging. The act of littering can result in the offender having to pay a $100 fine for the offence.


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