Wednesday, October 28, 2015

High Centre of Gravity Cause Of Ship Capsizing

Huffpost reports the Transportation Safety board believes the high centre of gravity is what likely caused the 20 metre vessel to broach and capsize.

It is known most passengers and crew were on the top deck of the boat on the port side and the wave would have struck the starboard quarter. The high centre of gravity would have caused the ship to be less stable which rolled and capsized after being struck by the wave.  

The 20 metre vessel Leviathan II which is operated by Jamies Whaling Station capzised off Vargas Island in the Clayoquot Sound while on a whale watching tour.

There were 27 people on board the vessel, 21 people were rescued, 5 have been confirmed dead and 1 is still missing.

Photo: Jamies Whaling Station


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