Tuesday, November 03, 2015

What Is Nanaimo City Council's Vision?

At the Nov. 2 City Council meeting, Chamber CEO Kim Smythe delivered the chambers 'report card' of the progress of this city council toward goals and objectives defined in Feb. of this year.

While Smythe did not deliver an overall grade of council's performance I would have to say conservatively it would come in at a C-.

One issue which came to the surface is the need for a comprehensive set of goals and objectives council has to guide the course Nanaimo will take over the next three years.

On that topic, Councillor Yoachim expressed his frustration at the lack of council discussion aimed at establishing such a vision for the city going forward. He commented that not one time, since this council has been sitting have they, as a group sat around the table to discuss what they see as a vision for Nanaimo.

Clearly, this city council has to have a clear vision with goals and benchmarks to steer Nanaimo forward. All the more important right now, as they are in the process of agreeing on the qualities required for our new city manager. If they don't know clearly where they want to go, how can they possibly decide the best candidate to get us there.

The next time you are talking to your favourite councillor, ask them what is their vision for Nanaimo in 3 years, 5 years and 10 years out. 



  1. They spent over a $120,000 to produce a Strategic Plan. So, was that taxpayer money just thrown away?

  2. Amateur posers with mediocre smarts. We voted them in. We suffer the consequences. Small town politics can be so 'small town'. Maybe next time we pay more attention to the candidates, and their platforms.
    For now, lets hope the China junket can cough up some results. We need the fast ferry to resurface and float. And we could use a new hotel or two in town. My hope is, such projects gain a life of their own, regardless of what our 'council' has to say.


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