Friday, April 08, 2016

Dutch-Canadian Tulip Blooming Ceremony

Blooming ceremony held for 
Dutch-Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden

Last fall, the City of Nanaimo was one of more than 400 applicants to receive one of the 140,  70th Anniversary Dutch-Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden distributed by the Canadian Garden Council.

As the tulips are now about to burst forth in all their glory, veterans, school children and the public are invited to celebrate the blooming of our Friendship Tulip Garden at 10:30 am on Tuesday, April 12 at the Dallas Square Cenotaph. The ceremony, officiated by Councillor Ian Thorpe, will recount the history of the enduring friendship between Canada and the Netherlands so that it may live on for future generations.

In the spring of 1946, 100,000 tulips bloomed in Ottawa. Planted the previous fall, the Dutch tulip bulbs were sent to Canadians as a symbol of appreciation for the role Canadian soldiers played in the liberation of the Netherlands and the hospitality Canada provided to the Dutch Royal Family in Ottawa, where Princess Margriet was born, during WWII.  Now, a gift-in-perpetuity, Canada continues to receive 20,000 tulip bulbs every fall the blooms of which are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every spring during the Canadian Tulip Festival.


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