Tuesday, June 07, 2016

100 Doctors Petition Island Health - Suspend System

"Otherwise something horrible is going to happen"
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The Times Colonist is reporting that 100 doctors have petitioned Island Health, asking they suspend the rollout of the $174 million electronic health record system at NRGH.

The doctors say the system is cancelling, overriding, changing or doubling up some drug orders which they claim will inevitably lead to something horrible happening.

Island Health will spend $124 million for hardware and training in addition to the $50 million 10 year contract they have with a software-developer company from Kansas City Missouri.



  1. This is VERY scary for patients. Especially those like me with complex health issues that require management from multiple practitioners. If there is even the SMALLEST chance that patients are at risk due to this system then Island Health should suspend it until the bugs are cleared out. Seems like a "No Brainer" to me.

  2. Hey NRGH management: Roll back to the old system ASAP or you will be fired and be sued. Do the smart thing and run the two systems in parallel in one division. And then roll it out when it is ready.


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