Friday, February 06, 2015

Downtown Revitalization - Nanaimo & Victoria

Downtown 'Downturns' & 'Revitalization'
Victoria & Nanaimo's Story Seem All Too Familiar

CTV in Victoria recently had a two part report focusing on the downturn in Victoria's downtown, and different remedies being considered to revitalize the area with an increasing number of vacant storefronts.

Listen to the first and second part of the report HERE . Listen to "Victoria's downtown is in a downturn' first, and "Ideas for revitalization abound" second. Now everytime you hear the word Victoria substitute the word Nanaimo. Sound familiar??

If all that business from cruise ships and attracting tourists is the answer we keep considering as Nanaimo's saviour you have to wonder why Victoria is having the same troubles, given their cruise ship visits last year included 222 ships and they arguably are a tourist mecca on the Island.


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