Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Things on the Net that make ya' smile

Marijuana Recalled For Having Too High THC Content

This Huffpost article brought a little smile to my mug and I wondered what Cheech and Chong would comment on the idea that some medical marijuana had to be recalled for being too strong.

Apparently Health Canada has issued the first recall of 2015 after finding two batches labelled with having a percentage of THC at 9.07 per cent when a third party said the percentage could be as 'high' as 13.7 per cent.

It wasn't this part of the article that brought the grin it was the assertion that neither Health Canada nor the company had received any reports of adverse effects or complaints about the drug. I thought it was those types of product quality issues that made B.C. famous for it's 'bud' once upon a time.


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