Tuesday, June 30, 2015

$500 Fine Puts 'Teeth' In Nanaimo Hot Dog Bylaw

Nanaimo Bylaw Amendment First In B.C.

At the June 22 meeting of City Council the first three readings were given to a Animal Control and Licencing Bylaw amendment which gives enforcement some teeth when it comes to leaving dogs in hot cars without adequate ventilation.

The amendment was the result of work ordered by Council following a submission from the SPCA who are seeking a more easily enforced compliance tool. Until this bylaw is given final adoption on July 20/15 the only offense for leaving a dog in a hot car came under the criminal code. This now allows for a $500 ticket to be issued if the internal temperature exceeds 23 degrees Celsius without adequate ventilation. The internal temperature will be determined by use of a heat gun.
There is also a provision in the bylaw amendment regulating the transport of dogs outside the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

Enforcement Process

If someone comes upon a vehicle with an animal in distress they are advised to call Animal Control at 250-754-1397 (not 911). Animal control will dispatch an officer who will contact RCMP enroute (they alone have authority to enter the vehicle, but not deal with the dog). Once on scene the animal control officer will determine a course of action which could include entering the vehicle which the RCMP officer is able to do.

If a City of Nanaimo bylaw enforcement officer comes upon a vehicle with an animal in distress, they will also contact animal control. All three agencies can issue a $500 ticket if a dog is left in a vehicle without adequate ventilation and the internal temperature is 23 degrees Celsius or above.


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