Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nanaimo Basks Under Summer's Sun

Nanaimo benefits from moderating ocean breezes

Nanaimo benefits from three things - location, location and finally location. While other parts of the Province swelter under temperatures approaching 40 degrees we enjoy the moderation our ocean-front location brings.

That said, with temperatures approaching daytime highs of near 30 degrees it is wise to make sure we stay hydrated by drinking plenty of that pristine water we are famous for, stay in the shade when possible and enjoy one of our many water-options. You can go to an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, one of our many freshwater swimming options which include Westwood Lake, Long Lake and Colliery Dams being three of the more popular, saltwater options abound from Swy-a-lana Lagoon, Departure Bay, Piper's Lagoon and Neck Point.

There are also water parks around time to help keep the kids (of all ages) cool while having some fun. They can be found at Deverill Square Park, Departure Bay Park, Mansfield Park and Harewood Centennial Park


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