Thursday, June 18, 2015

Banks Not Taking Home Owner Grant Applications


Claiming your N&R Home Owner Grant

It has come to the City of Nanaimo's attention that some banks are not accepting the N&R Home Owner Grant applications, although most have for many years. The banks are not required to accept these applications, rather it is an optional service that they offered.

There are several other ways to claim the Home Owner Grant, including by mail, in person at the Service and Resource Centre, 411 Dunsmuir Street, or online at A drop box is available 24/7 at the Service and Resource Centre.

If you do intend to make payment at your bank as well as claim your Home Owner Grant, make sure to ask your bank if they will be forwarding the grant to the City. If not, you will need to complete the grant by another method.

Post marks are not accepted as date of payment. Grants must be received in our office on or before July 2 to avoid penalties.

"If you are eligible to claim a Home Owner Grant, please ensure it is claimed by the July 2 due date to avoid penalties." - Diane Hiscock Manager, Revenue Services City of Nanaimo 


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