Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Special City Council Meeting Cancelled

No Quorum Cancels June 24/15  Council Meeting

The meeting scheduled for 5:30 pm in the Doug Rispin Room at the conference centre which was to be held in-camera and then reconvened at 7:00 pm was cancelled for lack of a quorum.

The purpose of the meeting was in question in  my mind after Monday's Council meeting when the Mayor asked the city manager if the city lawyer would be present. The City Manager said he would not as there was nothing new to add that council was not already aware.



  1. Quite a bit of "crying" from the minority four in today's Daily. From their quotes you would have thought there would have been near-death pieces of legislation to be scrutinized last night - but the Dam issue was already dealt with Monday.

    It's all just wailing BS to try and discredit the majority five. But taxpayers are smarter than the politicking - and the foursome!


  2. Looks like there was more to Wednesday night's meeting, the reply from Victoria about the dams, but the city apparently did not notify everyone on council about the reply they'd received in the morning - so no one knew the meeting was now "important." Was their a communication failure? Why didn't council get immediately notified of Victoria's reply? Seems the Chinese aren't the only ones not being communicated with.



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