Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mayor & Council Bans Signs In Council Chambers?

Signs Now Banned In Nanaimo Council ?

The front page article in today's Daily clearly declares that Signs are not allowed in city council meetings. I have not been able to determine if that is a unilateral decision by Mayor McKay or if it requires a motion of Council.

I do understand that Mayor McKay (or anyone acting as Chair) can have someone removed from council chambers for disruptive behaviour and so they should be able to, but does displaying a simple sign rise to that threshold? According to this headline, our Mayor seems to think it does.

I have contacted his office for comment but my call was not returned, neither was an email asking for clarity, sent yesterday. I hope this is not leading Nanaimo into another 'Ezra' moment after grabbing headlines as being plagued by racism.



  1. Does the mayor have the dictator power to unilaterally declare that? I think NOT! Simply because the mayor makes a comment to Spenser Anderson does not make it law? Like I said on social media, if the mayor says jump off the bridge, do you then jump off the bridge?

    We need reporters that will ask the hard questions, not simple city hall puppets! That is the reason he won't talk to YOU Jim Taylor, you won't get pushed over so easy!

  2. What about the signs McKay himself dictates to be displayed in the chambers? Are they allowed?

  3. I ain't banned no signs :)

    Any decision such as this should be debated publicly and decided by Council as a whole. Could also ask staff for a report :)

  4. Coun. Fuller:

    I hope you make a motion to that effect!



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