Monday, June 22, 2015

Wildfire West of Nanaimo - 70% Contained

UPDATE 9:30 am June 22:

The fire is now 70% contained and covers approximately 6.5 hectares. There are now 41 crew and 2 officers engaged in fighting this fire and they are calling in helicopters as needed.

The fire is actually closer to Boomerang Lake and is not on the west side of Mt. Benson as earlier reported. The Coastal Fire Centre wanted to thank the public for their early and accurate reporting of this fire which allowed for an early attack enabling crews to get an upper hand on the blaze.

Photo credit Wildfire Management Branch

Crews respond to wildfire west of Nanaimo
6/20/2015 5:14 PM

PARKSVILLE -- The Wildfire Management Branch is responding to a four hectare wildfire west of Nanaimo. Thirteen fire fighters, two helicopters, and Airtankers are working on the fire, which has grown quickly in felled and bucked timber on private forestry land.

Water skimming aircraft are also working on this fire, and recreational boaters are requested to avoid pickup locations to allow the aircraft to complete their work safely.
No structures or homes are threatened by this fire. The area is experiencing warm temperatures and steady wind, in an area of high fire danger rating. The fire is human-caused, and under investigation to determine the specific cause.

The public is reminded that all open fires, except campfires, are prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre's jurisdictional area, with the exception of the Fog Zone. This includes �party fires� or �bonfires� larger than a campfire.

Campfires that are small (0.5 meter tall by 0.5 meter wide and smaller) on mineral soil with a fuel break, and attended at all times are permitted. Campfires must be fully extinguished, cold to the touch, before leaving the campsite.

The public is also cautioned to be careful with any activity that could lead to a forest fire. Cigarettes should be extinguished carefully in water, and vehicles should avoid parking or driving through tall weeds and grasses.

Long range weather forecasts are predicting a return to warm and dry conditions next week.


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