Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Parksville Market Food Vendors Pack 'Em In

 People seem to think food trucks are a good idea
 Perhaps these food vendors are just a passing fad?
One of the more interesting folk at the Parksville Market

Parksville Market Packs 'Em In

My wife and I went back to the Parksville Market to see if perhaps last weeks opening crowd was unusual because the weather was good and it was the first market of the season.

The place was packed from 6:00 right through unitl 9:00 with the food trucks/vendors doing a land office business right from the get-go.

The number of merchants exceeds 170 now and there is definitely something of interest for just about everyone. They have done an excellent job of attracting a wide variety of quality vendors for the most part offering better than average merchandise. Did I mention they also have a wide variety of food trucks??? It took 15 minutes for a friend of mine to even place his order.

Wonder if Nanaimo will ever catch on to this food vendor idea?? It could be that food and beverage sales will actually catch on and possibly even help the local economy. Clearly little old Parksville is not just depending on the locals as I spoke with someone from Victoria, Vancouver and even Toledo Ohio. They probably had to come through Nanaimo to get to Parksville.


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  1. I am a food vendor from Nanaimo that attends the Parksville Market . Too bad the city of Nanaimo limits the size of of it's market on Thursday nights . It could easily be a big draw for the community . It's just ridiculous


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