Thursday, June 25, 2015

City Assumes Stay and Appeals To Be Rejected

Council needs to make Colliery Dams decision

At a news conference in the SARC building, Mayor McKay advised that the letter endorsed by Council at the June 22 meeting was rejected by the Water Comptroller. The city lawyer advises that in his opinion the city has little chance of a successful stay or appeal being granted.

In anticipation of the stay and appeal being rejected city council will be asked at the next Council Meeting to decide on the only two options they have ever been presented with which is either the swale or the labyrinth options which would keep an overtopping event from causing a dam failure.

As neither of these options have ever gone to tender, the prices estimated at this point are just that, estimates, which as we all know routinely go over budget. We are told the best guesses at this point are $3 million to $6 million for the swale option and as much as $8 million for the labyrinth option. Of course it is impossible to know what will happen when the work actually gets underway.

The next regular scheduled meeting of Council is a COW meeting on July 13/15. Of course a Special City Council Meeting could be called at anytime, however, I would expect given the topic attendance by all Council members would be desireable.



  1. I could write a book on what is in my mind right now. The people of Nanaimo, and their elected representatives have lost the right of self determination over an issue that, in honesty, is totally superfluous. The senior management of our fair city offered us a choice between accepting a swale (ditch) or a labyrinth ( confusing path) for a solution to our possible water woes.and would not listen to any other options.2 1/2 million dollars later, in bogus studies and reports, which tell us to spend another 8 million on a ditch, to solve our un qualified drainage problem. What a joke, what a scam, what fools the city managers and the engineering companies, have made of us all. The welcoming sign entering Nanaimo should have the Cash Cow Capital of Canada added to it.

  2. Speedy Gonzales!

    Staff actually sends a letter to Victoria quicker than quick for a change, Tuesday am, and the province gets back to the city the next day, Wednesday morning, saying no to council's letter! This has to be a record for any government on the planet.

    It's really suspicious, probably downright sleazy to think what phone calls were like Tuesday for the city manipulators to get Victoria to do what they wanted so quick - lay down the law for a costly fix-up...'cause they're so pissed the dams weren't torn out three years ago when they tried to slip it through and make it happen.


  3. Well duh! The city's lawyer has lost all 20 applications for a stay he's ever made. Obviously we're gonna lose.

  4. I have a completely different idea for the Dams. Since alteration to the Dams has become the only option, can they not convert them to efficient hydro electricity generating dams? Maybe the energy generation can help offset and eventually recover all the money that was lost on this fiasco.

  5. Check out: If they can do it on the western side of the island, why couldn't Nanaimo :)


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