Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Major Project For Nanaimo

$80 Million Project Proposed - Howard Johnston Site
Screengrab for Daily News

The above concept graphic appears on the front page of today's Daily News announcing another mega project being proposed for downtown Nanaimo on the site of the Howard Johnston Hotel, which for us old timers is still remembered as the Tally Ho.

Project spokesman Dan Brady is quoted as saying the project is in it's infancy and is looking for support from the City and is wanting input from Nanaimo residents as well. Mr. Brady can be reached at 250-753-2241 for comment.

The project would include a sports and entertainment complex, a hotel and new residences and is estimated to cost $80 million. The WHL has been informed of the plans and is said to be excited by the prospects. Financial support from the City is not being sought however the City would have to re-route some utilities presently running beneath the existing parking lot. It is also hoped that the city would include the new complex as part of it's inventory of ice and floor time.



  1. I think it would be great to have that area revitalized without tax dollars being spent. The sport complex is a great idea also as it can have many uses. The idea of WHL coming is nice but it has not been a huge success in Victoria as yet so I would not bank on that. It is nice to see a present business having enough faith in Nanaimo that they want to invest that type of money.

  2. pretty dumb how they dont want to build a high rise for a view of the harbour

  3. it has been almost a year since this was announced and still nothing, hey hows that Hilton hotel coming along on front street or the foot passenger ferry to vancouver, oh yeah thats right, and theres not one drop of news about this story on google news since either


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