Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mayor McKay Retracts Statement

The following statement was issued by Mayor McKay retracting a comment he made during the Colliery Dam Press Conference held Thursday afternoon.

“During this afternoon’s news conference, while discussing the challenges facing our case, I indicated our legal counsel has, in his twenty-two years experience, represented twenty appeals before the Environmental Appeal Panel (EAP) and was not successful in any case. This statement was incorrect.  Mr. Harding has successfully represented clients during many EAP hearings and at all levels of courts throughout British Columbia.  With respect to the City of Nanaimo’s case concerning the Colliery Dams, Mr. Harding was very clear when giving his advice to Council that he did not believe the City had a case.  Council chose not to follow his advice.  I have since spoken to Mr. Harding personally and have apologized for my remarks.”

Mayor Bill McKay



  1. Was he threatened with legal action from the lawyer?

  2. With the city's record of unlimited care-free never-ending spending of tax bucks seems only fitting to hire any lawyer unfamiliar with winning on taxpayers behalves!

  3. Another FLIP FLOP moment!

    Portions of the video from Monday's council meeting have been deleted. Whoever was talking in those portions surely is being threatened with a lawsuit.

  4. Obviously another carefully scripted news conference from Mayor, as the above person noted, Flip-Flop.


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