Sunday, June 14, 2015

Newcastle Island - Nanaimo Harbour

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Soar Over Newcastle Island

Soar over the jewel of Canada's West Coast, Newcastle Island. What's Up Vancouver Island's flying camera, 'Buzz' glides low along the shore and over the treetops of this stunning Island park in the off season. It's only a 10 minute boat ride from downtown Nanaimo's busy harbour, but it feels an eternity away. The voices of the people of its astounding history speak to you the moment you step ashore. Take a short ride above the island and see it as the eagles do. Then plan a visit. It will call you back again and again.

Newcastle Island Welcomes Visitors

Newcastle Island, just a short ferry ride across the Nanaimo harbour.

You can check out the Newcastle Island Ferry schedule by using this Nanaimo Info LINK.

For information about different events planned and camping reservations you can contact the Park Office at 250-754-7893. You can also visit the Island's website using this LINK.

A day trip to Newcastle Island is always an outing that never disappoints. For a very reasonable price you can enjoy a boat ride to and from the island giving you the chance to view Nanaimo from the harbour and enjoy some fresh sea air.

You can bring along a picnic, or take advantage of the great food served at the concession. Spend a relaxing day just enjoying the sun and water, or hike around the island to discover it's many treasures.

The weather will be fantastic, so why not take a mini-vacation to lovely Newcastle Island, nestled right in Nanaimo Harbour.


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