Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Historic Watch Missing - Nanaimo Museum

Stopped at exact time of accident that killed 16 coal miners

Of no commercial value whatsoever the historical value of this watch makes it one of the Museums most important artifacts.

The watch was owned by Rober McArthur who was one of 16 miners who died one morning in September 1918 when the cable on the elevator snapped and they fell to their deaths at the bottom of the shaft.  

The Museum staff want to see the watch returned and are offering a no-questions asked reward of $500 for it's return. Anyone with information should call the museum at 250-753-1821 or the Nanaimo RCMP detachment at 25-754-2345.


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  1. Real shame. No respect for anyone or the city they call home. Even if it's returned or found, likely the thief had no idea of the specific historical impact the watch had and likely messed around the with dials in his/her possession. If recovered, this theft will forever stain the historical value and meaning of the watch.


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