Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nanaimo Communications Branding Strategy

Sometimes you just have to wonder if Nanaimo has a death wish or if our leadership is simply not giving any real thought to the different messages they are conveying.

Not that long ago our headlines warned of a catastrophic dam failure with a high probability of happening because we are so prone to a devastating earthquake which could strike at any moment. 

Then we decided we needed to study all of the old mine workings as you never know when a giant cavern may open up beneath your feet consuming all that is above.

Not content with billing ourselves as the home of impending earthquakes, floods and collapsing mine shafts we had to draw national attention to ourselves by pretending freedom of speech was one of those Charter deals we could trample all over because of ill-thought motions of council.

Now, we have a goof with a spray bomb defacing Asian Realtors bus bench ads and we suddenly have a plague of racists requiring our Mayor to call for a near crisis-mode task force to deal with it.


Enjoy a sense of adventure, never knowing when the big earthquake will hit causing massive destruction and catastrophic dam failure while driving on roads over mine shafts that could open up at any moment.

All of the above natural excitement will keep your mind off of our racists which have reached near crisis levels who are plaguing our city.

In my humble opinion, I think we need to seriously re-think our branding and communications strategy, presuming of course that we actually have one.


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