Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Extreme Fire Risk Rating in Nanaimo


Be "Fire Smart" this Summer
Most brush fires that occur are the result of human carelessness.

With the arrival of summer weather it is also the beginning of the dry season. The staff at Nanaimo Fire Rescue would like to remind residents to be aware of the Extreme fire risk rating in Nanaimo.

Residents are asked to be vigilant. Most of the brush fires that occur within the City are the result of human carelessness,  in the form of poorly discarded cigarettes either thrown from a car window or not properly extinguished in an ashtray.  In addition, there has been a marked increase in bark mulch fires.

Do not discard smoking materials from vehicles. Use the interior ashtrays.

Always make sure you extinguish your smoking materials

Never dispose of a cigarette anywhere but in an ashtray or other proper receptacle.

"Due to extreme dryness and careless smoking the fire department is responding to an increased number of planter and brush fires. Be careful and ensure any smoking materials are properly extinguished." - Alan Millbank Fire Prevention Officer Nanaimo Fire Rescue 


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