Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hotel Decision 'Dark Day' - Mayor McKay

When is a 'council decision' the decision of council?

Over my many years of observing how city council functions and doesn't function in some cases there is a common theme subscribed which states that once a decision has been made by council it is supported by council. It is not a philosophy that I personally subscribe to as it often means we have no idea which councillors support contentious decisions made in-camera (Colliery Dam and City Annex).

The notion that a council decision is a council decision is used to support the idea that voters don't need to know how individual councillors vote on those in-camera issues, as those decisions are 'owned' by all of city council.

At the June 15 meeting of City Council after his council voted to not grant the option to purchase extension asked for by SSS Manhao Mayor McKay could be heard saying it was a dark day for Nanaimo. A little quote that was heard by most and now graces the front page of today's Daily.

Is this a demonstration by our Mayor of City Council 'owning' a decision of City Council? Which of course raises the question once again of why the resolution of Council passed on Feb. 2 was not acted upon, with the seeming consent of Mayor McKay?


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