Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nanaimo Council - Who Has A Majority? Authority?

The local Daily recently asks the question if there is a division at City Hall as it is apparent that council seems divided on the Colliery Dams issue.

The division seems to break out with Mayor McKay, Councillors Brennan, Pratt and Thorpe on one side of the issue with Councillors Bestwick, Fuller, Hong, Kipp and Yoachim on the other side of the issue.

On the matter of the Colliery dams, Councillors Pratt and Thorpe don't appear to be all that well informed on the issue, content to take the city-staff-led technical committee conclusion on the matter. While Councillor Brennan supports staff's recommendation, as she did last term when she was willing to have the dams removed.

Last November the future of the Colliery Dams was clearly an election issue, and McKay said something to the effect the dams were just fine. The majority of Council that was elected clearly said they did not support the options put forward by the technical committee.

Could an argument be made, that the five councillors who are opposed to the two options which Nanaimo taxpayers are seemingly being forced to choose from have the moral and electorate authority to continue on the path they are now on?

Another Way To Look At Electoral Support

Bestwick 10.218 
Yoachim   8,794
Pratt     8.307
Kipp      7,142
Hong      6,996
Thorpe    6,977
Fuller    6,703
Brennan   6,547
McKay     6,400



  1. Wallace, I presume this means you got my cheque?? :^)

  2. There's a path? Years into the process they are all still apparently lost in the woods. It also overlooks the fact that this is not a Council created issue, but one put forward by the Provincial government. Maybe "high ground" is what we need to look for if a "once in a century" storm like the one that did billions in damage to Alberta shows up. We were all sure we would never see the Saddledome with 20 feet of water inside it, yet it happened.


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