Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Peter McKay Can Collect $128,832 Pension at 55

There are Politicians and Public Servants - and all the rest of us!

This Huffpost article reports that Peter McKay will qualify for a full pension when he turns 55 allowing him to collect nearly $129,000 annually.

The article points out that as an MP he is earning $167,400 when combined with his $80,100 top-up as a cabinet minister his total income is $247,500 annually.

Some Nanaimo Senior Staff Earn More Than Federal MPs

According to the recently release SOFI reports we have several city hall staffers who are earning more than a Federal MP and several deserving of honorable mention. Of note, is the fact that these figures are based on last year's income which of course is at least 2% higher this year.

Ted Swabey $231,356

Tom Hickey $190,289

Ian Howat $189,486

Toby Seward $161,050

Terry Hartley $154,791

Brian Clemens $152,176

Richard Harding $151,601

Craig Richardson $141,054

Dale Lindsay $138,530

Guillermo Ferrero $136,872

Bob Prokopenko $132,950

Suzanne Samborski $132,765

Stuart Harrison $132,617

Martin Drakeley $131,816


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