Tuesday, June 02, 2015

CMHC Nanaimo Housing Forecast 2015

 Single detached CMHC projected starts 2015 - 450 starts
Multiple CMHC projected starts 2015 - 350 starts

The CMHC Housing Market Outlook forecasts a 20.3% increase in the total new housing starts for Nanaimo. 

The forecast calls for a 41.5% increase in single-detached from 318 starts in 2014 to 450 starts in 2015. A modest increase of less than 1% for multiple from 347 starts in 2014 increasing to 350 in 2015. This results in a combined increase from 665 in 2014 to 800 in 2015.

The same report is forecasting an increase in MLS sales from 1686 in 2014 to 1800 in 2015 with an increase  in average price from $370,766 in 2014 to $385,000 in 2015.


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