Thursday, June 04, 2015

Mayor McKay Clarifies Victoria Meeting Questions

Mayor McKay has provided the following answers to my questions as to whether or not the meeting in Victoria was going to be cancelled if protesters attended. I added the bold. It appears that Mr. Glen Davidson advised that the DM would probably not take the meeting.

In answer to your questions, I advise the following:

1) I was advised by the City Manager that he had received a telephone call from Mr. Glen Davidson mid morning yesterday.  Mr. Davidson suggested that if there were protesters arriving with us that the DM would probably not take our meeting.  He want on to say that perhaps the Mayor could see if the delegation could either come alone or alternatively take the meeting by telephone call.  We also received the following email:
From: Hall, Donna L FLNR:EX
Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 12:56 PM
To: 'Marilyn Smith'
Subject: Call: June 4th Meeting with City of Nanaimo delegation

Hi Marilyn, as discussed over the phone, due to tomorrow’s public protest (now on Facebook), our building security has been alerted and our building at 780 Blanshard will be on lock-down.  As a result, no one will be allowed to enter the main entrance into the building.

Rather than cancel the meeting, as I understand the Nanaimo delegation would like to proceed with meeting with Tim Sheldan, therefore the meeting will now be held via a telephone call.

If you could please provide a number (one direct line), Tim Sheldan will call the delegation Thursday June 4.

Thank you,
Donna Hall
Senior Executive Assistant to
Tim Sheldan, Deputy Minister
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

2) The DM advised that he had accepted a meeting with Mayor and Councillors.  If others were to be attending he would have to reconsider.

3) No meeting had been set with the Minister.  The duration had always been one half hour with the DM.  That was the motion.

I hope that you will correct the current article you have posted.



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  1. This whole thing gets worse and worse. Buildings on lock down? Misinformation? I didn't say that? No wonder the citizens of Nanaimo are revolting. A mayor is not to intimidate others with false information. Read the city chapters. The circus act continues but the audience is not pleased.


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