Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Nanaimo City Hall Wages - Affordable? Sustainable?

Nanaimo City Hall top earners

Ted Swabey $231,356.00
Tom Hickey $190,289.00
Ian Howat $189,486.00
Toby Seward $161,050.00
Brian Clemens $152,176.00
Richard Harding $151,601.00
Dale Lindsay $138,530.00
Guillermo Ferrero $136,872.00
Bob Propkopenko $132,872.00
Susanne Samborski $132.765.00

As we proceed with the Core Services Review it is hoped a long, hard look will be taken as to how these wage levels are arrived at, and how they are justified.

What kind of scrutiny and oversight do our elected officials have into this process? As I understand it now, the city hall exempt staff will receive whatever wage increase is negotiated with CUPE. A fair question would be whether this creates any conflict of interest come bargaining time with CUPE?

Average Nanaimo Family Income = $76,783.00

To put some of these wage levels into context, in the city of Nanaimo the average family income across all family types is a modest $76,783.00/yr.

Some Councillors and senior city staff will tell you they think these levels of taxation and spending are sustainable and affordable


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