Saturday, July 18, 2015

Are Nanaimo Taxpayers Being Set Up?

Fencing and Signs .....
Will City Pay SSS Manhao For Their 'Losses' ?

After watching how the City of Nanaimo conducts business it would not surprise me for one moment if we don't see a press release one of these days declaring the City is paying SSS Manhao for their business 'losses'.

Given the history of deciding deals in-camera and then springing the news on the Nanaimo taxpayer, it would not surprise me one bit, if we wake up one morning with our Mayor explaining why we paid SSS Manhao a few million to offset their losses.

It would go something like this: 'after receiving sound legal advice, city council on the advice of City staff has elected to pay SSS Manhao the sum of $4,565,000 in a deal to repurchase the land at 100 Gordon Street, and reimburse the company for losses they claim to have incurred due to an unsupportive Council.'

The decision of course would be made in-camera as they would be in receipt of information subject to lawyer-client privilege and dealing with a land transaction.

Sound unbelievable?

If you think that could never happen, it isn't all that long ago that the City decided to spend $16 million on a shiny new office, which they built without ever going to a public tender. Remember? That was all done behind closed doors with zero public input and zero public tender. To this day I don't know how that particular decision was even legal.

It seems the Mayor is quite sympathetic with SSS Manhao's plight and has stated in print and on radio that he thinks Manhao would be justified in trying to recoup the $4.5 million they claim to have spent on the failed hotel project. He seems to be blaming members of his own council for the cancellation of this deal, apparently forgetting the decision to grant the six month extension was a unanimous decision of this Council, the Mayor included.


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