Monday, July 06, 2015

Raucous Council Meeting - Punts Dam Decision

Colliery Dam supporters out in force

Responding to a comment Mayor McKay made in the local media about there being 40 supporters of the dam, a group of 100+ took up the challenge and embraced a new slogan/sign 'I am One of 40'.

They presented Mayor McKay with a boisterous audience in the gallery who asked those in attendance to lower their signs. When it appeared that the signs might be reason for Mayor McKay to clear the gallery, an audience member addressed the crowd and asked them to allow the meeting to continue. The plea was supported with the statement that the member had new evidence to support the opinion that the dam spillway's may very well already be of sufficient capacity. He cited a city study which suggested the spillway could handle 140 cubic metres. A study which previously had not been a part of the study of the dams.

A total of seven delegations addressed council, all of which were making the point, that they have no faith in the process that has brought us to the present place where we are being ordered to spend millions remediating the Colliery Dams.

Clearly the passion to see the park and the dams kept in their current condition has not diminished in the past two and a half years since this saga began.

A motion put forward by Councillor Fuller and passed by Council saw no decisions made on the fate of the dams until the next meeting of Council. The next Council meeting is next Monday but is scheduled to be a COW meeting which means that SHAW would not normally broadcast that meeting. A publicly broadcast meeting was something which Councillor Kipp wanted as the venue for making this decision.


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