Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Colliery Dams Update


Colliery Dams Update

During its Committee of the Whole meeting held Monday, July 13, Council passed a multi-part motion concerning the Colliery Dams.  The motion included:
  • Drafting a Select Committee Terms of Reference for Council's approval by July 27th.
  • Establishing a Select Committee for the purpose of completing studies and due diligence on the Colliery Dams.
  • Defining the necessary questions and studies pertaining to watershed capacity, flow monitoring, and establishing the flow capacity of the lower and middle spillways; statistical analysis of storm frequency and; risk assessment based on the capacity of the spillway, structural integrity of the dam and the incremental consequences of flooding.
  • Retain GSI in order to finalize an over-topping design for the middle dam that meets the small dam regulatory requirements to reduce the risk to the lower dam and spillway and submit the design to the Select Committee.

"This will be a challenging task in the time frame available, nonetheless the process of following Council's wishes is now underway."  - Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo 


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