Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nanaimo Water Saving Initiatives

City of Nanaimo Water Saving Initiatives
City leading water conservation by example

With increasing discussion around Nanaimo of the drought and its impact on water supply, the City is communicating what it is doing to reduce water use at its facilities. The main focus has been to shut down irrigation to lawns at facilities and medians. Sports fields, which are an important community asset are being watered at reduced levels, to ensure that they remain viable. However, watering sports fields has been reduced by 50% or more, and the lesser used fields are being shut off. Young saplings are being protected as well.

While Nanaimo remains on Twice per Week watering (Level Two), we are also encouraging residents and businesses to allow their lawns to go dormant over the summer. The most effective means of reaching the highest level of water conservation is through education, rather than enforcement. Building awareness around the priorities of water use will help raise the public's awareness of the value of our most precious resource.

The City of Nanaimo’s water supply at Jump Lake is currently 85 per cent of full storage. Daily consumption is averaging around 60 million litres, about average for this time of year.

"A key goal with water conservation education is to improve the level of awareness and to have Nanaimo residents and businesses be even more mindful the value of our drinking water. With this deeper appreciation comes a greater desire to conserve and protect our most precious resource.

Even though sprinkling is permitted twice per week, it is not mandatory. Voluntarily allowing your lawn to go golden is a simple way of demonstrating water wise behaviour.
"   -  Bill Sims Manager, Water Resources Engineering & Public Works


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