Friday, July 31, 2015

Nanaimo Sheep Farmers Featured

An article in The Western Producer features Nanaimo sheep farmers Don and Deborah Wytinck who have been raising sheep on their Nanaimo acreage for 25 years. The urban farmers farm is now completely surrounded by housing development which has brought a few challenges educating urban dwellers how to conduct themselves around the farm's livestock.

Nanaimo residents may be familiar with their farm which is on the site of an old orchard they purchased years ago. Their choice to raise sheep as opposed other livestock was due to the fact the sheep wouldn't damage the old trees in the orchard.

It is an interesting read about a couple who have seen the need for local food security long before it was the topic of the day. I am not sure the city would allow the land to remain as an operating farm should the couple one day decide to retire.


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