Thursday, July 30, 2015

Water Leak Dufferin and Seafield Cres.

Scheduled for repair next week

On Sunday evening I noticed water on the road at this corner and commented to my wife who said she thought it was a lawn sprinkler overshooting the grass on the corner. Then on Tuesday evening we passed the same corner in the late evening and noticed a considerable amount of water on the road again.

I noticed the water again, but this around noon and clearly a lawn sprinkler was not the source of the water. It is obvious the source is coming from a water main beneath Dufferin which looks like it has been recently dug up as part of the Seafield Cresent work.

Being an engaged citizen I called the public works department at the city who are aware of the problem and told me they were planning on repairing it next week. I presume they have determined it is a minor leak and is not capable of causing damage to the roadway beneath the surface. In the meantime I intend to drive around the area which is the apparent source of the leak just in case. :^)


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