Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nanaimo Bathtub Race Winners - 2015

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 Shawn Lamoureux second to the beach at Swy-a-lana-lagoon
Justin Lofstrom third to the beach pouring it on at the finish line
 Justin stumbles from his tub and the race is on
 Justin and Shawn battling for second place
Justin lunges for the bell, Shawn lunges for Justin
 Justin takes second place, one second in front of Shawn

Being Second On The Beach
Doesn't Mean Second Place

This years Bathtub Race for the first time ended where it started in the inner harbour. Tubbers had to come ashore at Swy-a-lana lagoon, make their way up the ramp and ring the bell which was just in front of the Frank Ney statue.

As you may already know, a racer's official time is not recorded until they actually ring the bell to stop the clock. This year saw second place decided by the foot race to the bell, rather than being first on the beach.

The above photo's capture the competitive spirit of all tubbers, who don't stop pushing until they ring the bell. In this case the first to the beach was Shawn Lamoureux who came to the beach closely behind Nathan Barlow who was this year's race winner. Shawn had just come ashore when third place (on the water) tubber Justin Lofstrom came barrelling ashore, landing his tub 'full-tilt' onto the rocky shore.

Realizing that second place was within his grasp Lofstrom sprinted for the bell, ducking in from of Lamoureux on the ramp and pushing his way to the glorious finish line. As the photos above attest second place this year was decided by the one fleetest of foot as Justin was second to ring the bell, while being third to make it to the beach.

Several other finish places were decided in similar manner, as some other tubbers first to shore, simply couldn't get their legs in gear after an hour and a half of gruelling, cramping, pounding on the high seas.

Let's see that finish .............. one more time..........


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