Friday, July 10, 2015

Whose Interests Does Mayor McKay Look Out For??

McKay Says SSS Manhao should seek to recover $4.5 Million from Nanaimo Taxpayers!

I most sincerely hope that Mayor Bill McKay has been seriously misquoted in the Nanaimo News Bulletin, if he has not been misquoted, I hope his letter of resignation is in the mail!

In an article written by Chris Bush Mayor McKay talking about the downtown hotel deal, which Manhao has backed out of is quoted as saying: "We would, first off, have to buy that property from them and hope that it doesn't get caught up in any legal entanglements; that they'll willingly sell it to us in short order," McKay said.

McKay said SSS Manhao has already spent about $4.5 million on the project.

"If it were me I'd be trying to recover those costs before I gave that property up," he said.

If this is not a serious misquote published by Chris Bush, then Bill McKay needs to tender his resignation immediately! He clearly does not appear to be operating in the interests of Nanaimo taxpayers.


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