Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Entrance Island Lighthouse - Heritage Designation Protection

Photo credit: Sheryl Falls

Entrance Island Lighthouse Receives Heritage Designation
Lighthouse will be protected under Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act

The Federal government announced that the Entrance Island Lighthouse (located near the entrance to Nanaimo Harbour) has been added to the list of designated lighthouses contained within the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act. The designation ensures the protection of the structure's heritage character for present and future generations.  The Act conserves and protects lighthouses in a number of key ways, including:

- Preventing the unauthorized alteration or disposition of lighthouses that are designated as heritage lighthouses.
- Requiring that heritage lighthouses be reasonably maintained and altered only in keeping with the "Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada".
- Requiring any sale or transfer of a heritage lighthouse provides for the protection of its heritage character.
- Requiring that the public be given notice 90 days prior to any sale or transfer of a heritage lighthouse out of the federal portfolio, or if demolition of the heritage lighthouse is proposed, and that a public meeting be held in the area where the lighthouse is located.

The designation of a heritage lighthouse may also include related buildings that contribute to the heritage character of the lighthouse.


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