Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fibber Magees - Nanaimo Closing Aug. 16

Fibber Magees
Train Station - Selby Street

The following announcement is posted on this Irish Pub - Restaurant's Facebook page, announcing their closing next month. 

This is an unfortunate announcement that we are making but Fibber Magees Station is closing down. Last day will be August 16th. Please make the last 3 weeks go out with a bang and come to visit us.

This company also owned the Fox and Hound in Nanaimo which they sold after opening this restaurant in the old train station. This building (including the pub) was granted a ten year tax exemption by the previous city council.

The restaurant business has always had a reputation for fatalities and over the past few years Nanaimo's restaurant scene has seen several changes of ownership and outright closures. This is also a business dependent upon discretionary spending which is not in great abundance in Nanaimo these days.


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