Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beban Pool & Weight Room Closed Jly 27


Beban Park Pool and Weight Room to Close Jly 27 

Annual Maintenance and Upgrades Reopen Sept. 6

The Beban Park pool and weight room will close for just over a month for annual maintenance starting Monday, July 27 and will reopen on Tuesday, September 8. In order to keep the facilities running at their best, it is necessary to close them once a year to maintain areas that can only be accessed when they are empty.

Work being done in the pool this year includes implementing an Energy Conservation Measure to use excess heat from the adjacent Ammonia Plant to help heat the main pool along with the addition of a Domestic Hot Water storage tank for Frank Crane Arena, new spray and play features to the Leisure Pool and a water filling bottle station in the Beban Pool Lobby. The steam generator for the steam room, sand for the Leisure Pool filtration system and the hot water coil for the main pool Air Handling Unit will be replaced.  The ceiling in the leisure pool will be repainted and the pumps and hot water valves will undergo general maintenance.

The weight room will see four new strength machines as well as a new strength quad tower.

The City aims to keep shutdowns as short as possible and schedules them during the summer months when outdoor activities are the focus for many people.

"Each year we close the pool and weight room at Beban to give it a good cleaning, maintain equipment and, if needed, add new features. Doing all of this at once helps to keep the facility running smoothly throughout the year and for years to come. We thank the public for their patience and invite them to enjoy the amenities at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and Westwood Lake during this time."  -  Damon Johnston Assistant Manager of Aquatics City of Nanaimo 


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