Thursday, July 30, 2015

Frankie's Modern Diner Nanaimo - Closed July 29

Another Nanaimo Restaurant Closes

Frankies Modern Diner in Nored Plaza closed their business on July 29 with the following announcement on their Facebook page:

"It is with great sadness that I announce Frankie's Modern Diner will be closing. Our last day of operation will be Wednesday July 29, 2015.
I know this must come as a shock to many. It was a very hard decision for me to make but I miss my home, family and friends in Victoria."

A few days ago Fibber Magees on Selby Street announced they will be closing on August 16 after operating an Irish style pub and restaurant in the restored train station.

It would be hoped these types of businesses would be getting an extra boost in business during the summer 'tourist' season. The restaurant business has always had a reputation for being brutal and several factors seem to be bringing more pressure to bear on the industry including increased food costs and a shortage of qualified cooks.

Owner's can only take up the slack for so long and sooner or later the strain simply becomes too much.


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  1. We've been to 53 different restaurants in the Nanaimo area since moving here 11 years ago, some, multiple times (I've kept a list, as we enjoy dining out). Many have closed however, and now Frankie's is another.

    Sadly, in my experience, Frankie's was nothing special. We went once, had a poor experience, and never returned. The former Moxies was a place we did frequent on occasion however (we liked some of the salads and thin crust pizza), and I understand it was the same owner, but Frankie's did not cut it.

    The food in this town is generally so average, it's not funny, and the service is mixed at best. Yes there are some exceptions, but if you want a variety of great restaurants, you have to visit Victoria or Vancouver.

    Never tried Fibber's. Pub food is pretty much the exact same fare no matter which one you walk into and since it wasn't in our neighbourhood, we gave it a pass. I imagine it's tough to make a living with a pub in this province with the antiquated liquor laws, exorbitant liquor prices, and now, lowered DUI limits. Personally, I feel the government should be cutting these proprietors a break by lowering their insane booze taxes.

    The formula for a successful restaurant doesn't seem that complicated, but people have trouble getting it right. You need ambience, interesting food (probably not burgers & fries or fish & chips) that is prepared fresh and cooked properly, very good/great service and prices that are not exorbitant. Of course you also need a chef/owner that knows business, skilled food management/inventory practices, properly trained cooks & service staff, savvy marketing practices, and numerous other intangibles (like luck).


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