Wednesday, July 08, 2015

City Hall - Commentary - Ron Bolin

Local City Hall watchdog and blogger Ron Bolin makes some interesting observations about the recent machinations at City Hall. Follows is the lead-in to a thought provoking post, well worth the read.


In a Daily News Story (City ‘running out of time’ to upgrade dams) on June 26, two Council “teams” were identified: One made up of our new Mayor, along with one veteran and two newbie Councillors (Brennan, McKay, Pratt and Thorpe); and the other with two veteran and three newbie Councillors (Bestwick, Fuller, Hong, Kipp and Yoachim).

This unfortunate situation, pretty obvious to all who watch Council closely, is bad for City Government: bad for Staff, bad for our Councillors and bad for the citizens of Nanaimo. Council’s job is to serve all of the Community and the squabbling of multiple teams does not accomplish this end.

To continue reading Mr. Bolins comments visit his blog HERE.


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