Monday, July 06, 2015

Mars Water Bomber Back In Service

Photo credit Coulson Flying Tankers website

Contract signed with Province
Could be flying by Thursday

The Alberni Valley News reports that the Coulson Group has signed a contract with the province of B.C. for the use of Mars water bomber.

The water bomber has not been contracted by the province since 2013 but could be back in service as early as this Thursday.

There has been a lot of public support to return the water bomber to service especially given the extreme forest fire season we are having. It is quite ironic to watch a fire burning within spitting distance of the grounded Mars water bomber.


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  1. This is excellent news, especially for those near Sproat Lake....Thank goodness!! I was thinking that if the owners were community minded they might have helped out without the government contributing...I do know it's horrendously expensive though.


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