Saturday, July 25, 2015

St. Paul's Anglican Church - New Addition

The source of that rat-a-tat sound you may have noticed coming from downtown Nanaimo.

Work is progressing on the first phase of construction at St. Paul's Anglican Church at 100 Chapel Street. They are removing the Church hall portion of the building in preparation for the new addition.

St. Paul's Anglican Church celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2011. The building currently on this site is the third building that has served downtown Nanaimo since the first one was built in 1861. The congregation outgrew their first building which was torn down in 1906 when the second building was constructed. In 1930 that building was destroyed in a fire that destroyed nearly six blocks of downtown Nanaimo. In 1931 the foundation stone was laid for the building which continues to serve on this site.

In May 2009 the parishes of St. James and St. Paul amalgamated into one new and continuing parish in the name of St. Paul.

"In the spring of 2014, St. Paul`s began an ambitious capital campaign to raise funds to build a new Centre for Ministry and Community Service to replace our old church hall. The parish raised over $2.6 million in cash and pledges (that are made over a three year period). Our Centre for Ministry and Community Service will be a centre for the use of the community of Nanaimo. We look forward to working with groups and mission partners that will use our space in ways that fit with our Ministry Plan."


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